As the proud owner of a poodle, you have one advantage that no other dog owner does. There is a wide range of haircuts that you can try out on the dog. From the bikini clip to the classic continental, there is no wrong way to cut their fur.

With all the options available to you, it may be easy for you to get overwhelmed when you’re at the groomers. Which poodle haircuts would look the best on your fur child?

To help you choose a look that will leave every other pet parent green with envy, check out these unique cuts. 

1. Bikini Clip 

The bikini clip is also known as the Miami cut. It involves shaving the dog around its face, the base of its tail, and its feet. There will be a pom left on the dog's tail as well as around each of its feet. 

The rest of the dog is cut to your desired length using scissors. Many owners go short with the rest of the body but it's up to preference. You can have it super fluffy if you want. 

2. Continental Clip 

The continental clip is the one that you see in dog shows all the time. The dog's face, stomach, and legs are all shaved down completely.

Every other area on the dog is allowed to grow out. The look is completed with fluffy pompoms near the base of the dog's paws.  

3. Puppy Clip 

If your poodle is one year old or younger then the puppy clip is a cute look. The throat, paws, face, and the base of the tail are all given an even shave. It's not as close to the skin as the continental clip mind you.  

You can request for there to be a pom on the tail but it's not required. This is a popular look that many dog breeds can pull off. Not just the poodle. 

4. Kennel Clip 

The kennel clip is the easiest poodle cut to get and manage. There isn't much to it. All of the dog's fur is cut short with scissors except for their head and tail. 

It's good if you tend to get hot summers in your area. It will keep the dog nice and cool. It's also good for doggies who love to play and roll around in the grass. Not as much debris will get stuck in their fur. 

5. Lamb Clip 

The lamb clip will make your poodle look like, well a lamb. It's very similar to the kennel clip. The fur is shaved around their face, paws, and the base of their tail.

The rest of their body and the top of their tail isn't touched by either scissors nor shaver. You can allow it to grow out as long as you see fit. 

6. Lion Clip 

The lion cut is another one that you've probably seen in shows a lot. It's the one that most people's minds go to when they think of a fancy poodle cut. The hair on their limbs is shaved down with the exception of poms around the dog's paws. 

Their head, stomach, and chest are allowed to remain poofy and there is a pom on their tail. This is a cut that you'll definitely have to get an experienced groomer to do. 

7. Dutch Clip 

The dutch clip is a pretty unique and interesting looking cut. The dog's neck area, belly band, feet, and tail base are all shaved. The belly band can be as wide or as narrow as you want it. 

The only parts of the dog that are allowed to be kept fluffy are its head, tail, and legs. 

8. Scandinavian Clip

The Scandinavian clip is also known as the modern cut. It's a popular choice in European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and Sweden. The topknot is kept fluffy and shaped to be a bit rounded. 

The fur on the dog's chest is also kept a bit rounded. The front and back legs are done differently from each other. It sounds strange but it works. 

The front legs are kept straight. The back ones are cut so they show off the shape of the legs and the fur above the feet is kept furry. 

9. The Sporting Clip 

The dog's throat, tail base, face, and feet are all shaved down as close as possible. The groomer will scissor a cap-like shape on top of the poodle's head. The rest of the dog's body and their legs are clipped to follow the dog's natural outline. 

These areas aren't cut quite as close as the throat, tail base, and feet. The poodle's legs are trimmed to be a little bit longer than the body hair. The look is completed with a fluffy pompom tail.  

10. Corded 

The corded look isn't used that much because it's sort of complicated. The dog's hair is grown out. After it gets to be a certain length it's braided into long cords. 

It makes for an interesting look but it will be hard for you to keep your poodle clean. You've got to unbraid the hair, wash the dog, and then wait for the fur to dry all the way before you can braid it again.  

Popular Poodle Haircuts That Will Have Your Dog Looking Like Royalty 

If you've got a poodle then you have a unique opportunity that other dog owners don't. You've got a ton of different poodle haircuts at your disposal. Consider some of the interesting clips on this list to have your dog looking like puppy royalty. 

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