Cat & Dog Daycare

pet daycare

daycare for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds

There are numerous reasons for taking advantage of Pet Daycare at Animal Boutique in Augusta, GA. We accept dogs and cats of all ages and breeds (as long as they are old enough to be away from their moms and have completed their vaccinations) and we carefully introduce newcomers to keep everyone happy and safe.

At $10 a day per cat or dog it is an affordable alternative to leaving your pet at home alone while the family goes to work or school. It can also be a great solution for a dog with separation anxiety, the youngster with tons of energy or the older dog who needs special attention. It gives your dog or cat an opportunity to release energy, be social, and have fun. Daycare can help with nuisance behaviors resulting from boredom, lack of energy and social interaction.

During a day at daycare, dogs can be dogs and cats can be cats. We provide one-on-one play for all pets in groups of no more than three based on their size and sex. They can explore the various playground toys, bounce around with their buddies or just find a quiet corner for resting and relaxation.

While here, your pet will have the opportunity to play and socialize and. Dogs benefit from this play time by learning to be more comfortable around other dogs. Keeping your dog busy all day may also help eliminate ?boredom behavior? such as chewing and barking. After a day of activity at Animal Boutique Daycare, most dogs are happy to settle in and snooze through the night.

We can give medications and feed your pet lunch (you can bring your own). We can also accommodate special needs. A copy of shot records must be provided before your pet can come to daycare. All shots must be kept current to come to Daycare.