masters week pet boarding

Masters Week & Holiday Boarding

Major holidays and Masters Week are busy times for us so it is important that you plan ahead and book early. Just during Masters week alone, hundreds of local residents rent their homes during the week to tournament guests, hundreds of others leave town to avoid the traffic and crowds and hundreds more spend the week involved in a whirlwind of parties and social activities. All of that adds up to a lot of pets needing care and attention that busy week.

Because of the limited space available and the large number of pets of all kinds needing boarding services, we suggest you call us at 706-651-9044 as soon as possible to make reservations for next year. Don't wait ... make plans now to arrange to have your pet pampered and loved during Masters Week and major holidays.

Animal Boutique is a full-service pet grooming and boarding company on Old Evans Road in Martinez/Augusta, Ga., with nearly 20 years of service to the community. Animal Boutique is staffed by pet lovers just like you who will treat your pets with love and respect.